Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Activities and Reptiles

Sisters Murray and Hale decorating for the Arlington Ward Party
Missionaries at Arlington Ward Christmas Party Sisters Fife, McCleary, Hale, Murray. Elders Frazier and Collins
A familiar face at the Mission Christmas Devotional. Elder Young is my neighbor from across the street

Our adorable  President and Sister Craig.   We love them!

Our District
Elder Collins (ZL), Elder Sharp, Elder Parker, Sister McCleary (STL), Sister Hale
Elder ???, Sister Schmidt, Sister Ashcraft, Sister Call, Sister Fife (STL), Sister Murray
Elder Schmidt, Elder Frazier (ZL), Elder Dean (DL)

Lizard Visitor at our Apartment
Our pet frog I captured in a glass

Our beautiful apartment is my favorite color. A  good sign