Monday, March 10, 2014

Miracles in the Sunshine State

Bestest Trio Ever-Sister Chappell (Richfield, UT), Sister Hale (Pinetop, AZ), Sister Murray (North Logan,UT)

Trade off- Sisters Chappell, Murray, McCleary (notice bird in background)
9:47 AM
It was a busy week and we are feeling so blessed!  We have so many solid investigators!!!  On Tuesday the Elder's gator brought Caitlin and Kristen (the twins) to the church to watch Prophet of the Restoration.  They loved it, and were excited to stay for institute.  Guess what the institute lesson was on!  Prophets!  Even Caitlin commented on how perfect it went with our lesson!  What was even more of a miracle was that the institute teacher said he wasn't planning on going the direction he did with the lesson.  I know that as teachers follow the spirit we will be given exactly what our students (and even ourselves) need to know.
This week I decided to start a missionary blog. I have yet to get an official post on it, but it should be completely running in the next couple of days.  You can check it out at:  I will be posting thoughts and lessons about Christ and his gospel.  I am excited to have so many tools now that I can use to share the gospel.
We had a trade off this week.  Sister Hale went with Sister Heckel to their area in Hendricks, and Sister McCleary came with me and Sister Chappell.  We did some good work, and had a lot of fun together.
On Tuesday we had zone meeting and on Thursday we had a Zone Sister's meeting.  We have more sisters in the zone than Elders!  One thought that stood out to me was that of the importance of repentance.  One of the Zone Leaders, Elder Hamilton, comapared a sin to a sliver.  If you just put a bandaid on it, it will never completely heal.  You need to remove the sliver (or sin) and then go through the process of repentance to be completely healed.
Sunday was a big day!  A Sister was baptized!!!!  She's been investigating since about June.  Sister Hale's boyfriend, Elder Calder taught her so it was really great that Sister Hale was able to see her baptized!  Her family is Jewish, and President Perkins talked about the similarities and differences in the two religions.  She is so loving and happy, and she's been involved in the church so long a lot of people didn't know she wasn't baptized.  (and another nice bonus for us is that when she comes to lessons we can actually count it as a member present!! Yea!  haha!)
Sunday evening we finally got to go to dinner with the Drapers (military relations missionaries).  They will be going home next month!  We've been trying to get all of our military-involved gators to dinner and it keeps falling through.  Finally Elder Draper called and said they had a YSA Navy man coming so we should just come without a gator.  It was really fun, and we were able to meet three men in the Navy.  Two were members.  The third one is a helicopter pilot from Australia.  Sister Hale and I just wanted to listen to him talk all day with that amazing accent!!!  It was interesting to get his perspective on different religions and cultures he has seen traveling all over the world.  He met the Drapers in the Memorial day parade last year.  We were able to read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon as well as Joseph Smith's testimony.  He said he was really looking forward to reading the entire book!  The gospel truly is going ALL OVER THE WORLD!  I thought I would be teaching people in Florida and now I'm teaching people from so many different countries!
Another final thought that has come up with several people I've talked to this week is that of focusing on what you can do.  It is so easy to blame others or the situation, but in reality what we can change is ourselves and our attitude.  It is a reminder I think we all need at one time or another so I wanted to share it with ya'll!
I love ya'll!  Have a very blessed week!
Sister Murray