Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Recent Convert Gave me Flowers

This is what happens when you help Pete paint a bedroom.  He spoils us so bad!  Happy Easter!!!
The beach.  The mission ends where the sand begins. :)

I don't have a lot of time to write today since we're going to the beach!  haha, ok... we're going to look at the beach from a distance and do a little shopping.  The mission ends where the sand begins. :)

We have been trying to focus on finding new people to teach since all of our amazing gators are getting baptized.  Heavenly Father definitely places people in our paths.  We spent some time in the mall parking lot, but it was a slow day so we're going to have to try it again on a Saturday or Friday.  We did, however, meet this really great guy on a motorcycle!  He was super nice and really interested in learning about the church.  Guess what?  His grandpa is from Ghana!  I told him my cousin is serving a mission there!  I love connections :)  He is married so we won't be teaching him, but we were happy we could get him started.
While we were tracking the other day we were just leaving for an appointment when a man came out on the balcony of his apartment and asked if we left the card.  We said yes and told him to give us a call.  He is a Protestant from India.  Well we just happen to have a recent convert from India in the Branch!  How perfect?  The guy in the branch is named Sunny, I might have mentioned him before.  He is one of the most missionary-minded members I have ever met.  He brought a guy he met at Wal-mart to church with him once!  And he just took his mom, who is not a member, to the temple grounds this past week.  He said it was really neat because growing up his mom would take him to Hindu temples, and now the role has been changed.  I will definitely have to let ya'll know how the lesson with this new gator goes this week!

Kristen was going to be baptized on Thursday night, but due to some complicated circumstances and a lot of misunderstanding we have moved her baptism to Sunday the 20th.  Easter!  That's the best way I can think of to spend Easter anyway!  We had already made a cake for the baptism so our district got to eat that at district meeting.  Sister Hale gave a training in district meeting about using the introduction of the Book of Mormon while contacting.  Her favorite door approach is to stand at a door holding a Book of Mormon and talk to them until they look at the book.  Then you conveniently change the conversation with, "Have you heard of the Book of Mormon?"

Once while I was backing Sister Hale up this older lady walking her dog came by.  I thought I would be a great missionary and run over and give her a card.  Let's just say she had NO desire, whatsoever to hear about Christ.  It makes me so sad that someone can turn away their Savior like that.  But we all have our agency.  Haha, I think Heavenly Father was preparing me for angry, swearing people when He led me to work ushering sporting events at USU and with customers at the DI.  Isn't it great that He knows what we need to prepare us for the future?  I have seen that again and again in my life. 

On Saturday we had dinner with Pete and Sister Ramirez.  Pete spoiled us, as usual- salad, rice, garlic bread... mmmm... and fresh fruit for dessert.  Then he brings out a box with new shoes for Sister Hale!  He had seen how badly her shoes were falling apart so he got online and ordered her the exact same ones!  Never mention to Pete that you need something unless you want him to buy it for you!  He has such a giving heart!  We love him!  And of course he had to get something for me if he was getting something for Sister Hale.  He got me a pack of adorable flower hair clips!  Do they know me well or what?!?  I had started thinking I would never want to serve in a family ward again after loving the YSA so much!  But I really love this family so I think I could manage to adjust again. :)

Well I hope ya'll have a blessed week! 
I love you!
Sister Murray