Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers Bring May Miracles!

Georgia Scenery

Close Call with a snake
Southern creature 
Kissing a frog didn't work for Sister Elliott
Our new Georgia T shirts
Hi Ya'll From Georgia
Red is for courage, Yellow for service.....and blue is for purity in thought and deed.
I will be happy for this is my creed.

Time to break the suspense and explain Might Miracle May.  As we learn in Mormon 9:18-21, God has NOT ceased to be a God of miracles. Indeed many mighty miracles happen everyday for those with the faith to see them.  This month our mission has dubbed "Mighty Miracle May." Our goal is for every companionship to have a baptism on May 23rd. That is approximately 100 baptisms! Brothers and Sisters please pray for us to achieve this goal! We are far from where we need to be to achieve our inspired goal of 600 baptisms this year and we know it will take great faith and work to get there. We are all praying and working for this goal to be achieved.

I'm coming to love Georgia more and more every day. It is so pretty here! I love the trees along the roads! Here's some random facts about our area I believe I failed to mention in my last letter. St. Marys is the second oldest city in the country. There is a Navy base here with specialized nuclear submarines. A lot of members here work in the Navy. I don't know how all of the Navy wives handle it! It's really common to see men and women dressed in Navy uniforms. We actually just saw one now as I was writing this!  Our ward covers all of Camden County. There are only about two black people in our ward  even though there are tons of Black people in Georgia. We just need to baptize some!  A normal Sunday will have 125ish people.  The area is very diverse. A sketchy trailer can be on the same road as a huge, nice house. The streets all have  names rather than numbers. Bishop told us St. Marys has the tallest gas price sign on Highway 40. So it's a pretty big deal! 

The first miracle of the week was Monday night when we had to go to this sketchy motel to teach a less active sister. We were worried we might be in danger. When it was dark out and we were leaving, the Elders happened to be outside in the parking lot talking to her husband and brother in law. We felt so much better having someone we knew to make sure we got back to our car.

Tuesday we enjoyed district meeting. We are the only sisters in the district again! The Zone leaders were gone so I got to help check iPads with the  district leader. We also have the cutest senior couple in our district- the Straits. They even go out tracting! So cute!  We also helped a sister pack up her house for moving. That night we had dinner with a family in the Navy base and were able to see some other potential investigators we have on base. We saw some deer that night too! 

Wednesday we went back and helped with more packing. We were working in the three year olds’ room while the mother was in the boys room. The three year old kept trying to join us in the room (which is not in line with the rules of the white handbook) and she was unpacking everything we packed. We couldn't pick her up and take her out of the room (also against WH rules) so I finally coaxed her out of the room and we had to lock her out! We felt so bad but we could not have her in there! Haha, it was really kind of funny too. I felt like I was about seven again when Sarah and I would lock her little brothers out of her room so we could play.

That night we wanted to have a good golden hour, but things kept coming up, and then finally everything fell through. We went to the street we had chosen to knock and it had a whole two houses on it. One was abandoned. No one was home at the other so we knocked some of the surrounding houses. We finally came to another road with three houses. One abandoned, one with a locked fence, and one where a wonderful woman named Lynette lived. We began teaching her and her nine year old son came out. He was so excited about everything we said and when Lynette saw his reaction her countenance changed. We left them with a Book of Mormon and will follow up this week. We also almost stepped on a snake on our way back to our car, but I spotted it before Sister Elliott stepped on its head. That was a miracle too!

We saw Tyrone again on Thursday. I'm slightly worried from some of his comments that  he is going to take the Book of Mormon to his preacher and go look up anti, but he listened politely, and he asked us to come back this week.  We also stopped by the home of a couple that was found by sisters in November. It was 8:50 at night but Ms. Henderson answered the door and said she and her husband had just been talking about us. They wanted to meet again so we set up a day to come back this week.

Friday we had Courtney, a recent RM, come with us to teach Ronnie. It was so good to have a member present lesson!  It really makes a huge difference in the lesson too!

Saturday was a weird day schedule wise. We had a Stake Relief Society activity (well technically they divided our stake into zones for RS activities so it was really only three wards). Hardly anyone came but it was really good. We learned about provident living. Right after that we set up for the baptism of Kevin, the Elders investigator. It went really well! Unfortunately it wasn't announced early enough for many people to come.  That night we were able to go see an investigator named Lori. She had a baptismal date for this month, but she had a baby and it kind of threw things off. Gratefully we were able to stop by and read with her. She is so sweet (and her baby is soo cute!)

Sunday President and Sister Craig came to our ward. President trained our Ward Council before church, and then spoke in Sacrament Meeting and taught a combined third hour. It is always so wonderful to see the Craigs. I just love them so much! I had been having a hard time lately and I was grateful president had time after church to talk and to give me a blessing. I have no doubt that callings in this church come from God and those with keys to preside are led by the spirit.

We are involving our members in Mighty Miracle May also by inviting them to look for miracles each day and share them with their families. Priscilla even helped us make a super cute poster for the primary children to post their miracles on each Sunday in May. We are excited! I would love to hear about the miracles all y'all see each day also! Miracles have not ceased! I see them everyday!

With great love,
Sister Murray

3 Nephi 5:13     Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.