Monday, February 24, 2014

Heavenly Father Loves Us Even More Than Satan Hates Us

1:12 PM
We have seen so many blessings this week!  For one, our amazing gator (Floridian for investigator), Caitlin, brought her IDENTICAL TWIN to a lesson!!!!!!!!!!   Imagine an elect investigator and cloning that investigator and you get Caitlin and Kristen!  I love these girls so so much!  We taught the Restoration to Kristen this week... or rather Caitlin pretty much taught her sister and we helped clarify a few things.  It was beautiful!  AND we weren't able to get a member to go with us to the lesson, but YSA Elder's gator came and bore her testimony.  Yes, the twins are identical, and yes, we can tell them apart.  (I knew ya'll would ask :) )

We got permission from President Craig to continue teaching Pete. On Saturday we served Pete again cleaning up the yard.  I thought it was funny Dad was just writing me about pruning the apple trees and then I get to help prune a palm tree... more or less...  The Elders and Pete chopped off the old leaves and I dragged them off to the road.  The funniest moment was when Sister Hale pulled this huge piece of plywood out of the dirt and swarms of cockroaches came scampering out.  Sister Hale started singing, "Come my little friends as we sing our happy working song."  We all about died laughing!  And we found a snake, and carpenter ants... all sorts of fun stuff!  Pete took care of the snake with a machete. 

One more miracle.  We were visiting a less active YSA brother and an older man answered the door.  He said the brother we were looking for didn't live there and started asking about our church.  When we asked what church he went to he said, "Mormon."  He was joking with us the whole time and the brother we were looking for was actually there.  He told us this brother is very shy and probably wouldn't come talk to us.  Then his older son came to visit.  The man sent his five year old grand daughter in to get the YSA brother.  Surprisingly he came out!  I think it helped that this sweet girl went to invite him out.  We were able to talk to him and he opened up a lot more than his parents thought he would.  As we were leaving. the father came out and waved us back.  As we were talking, we saw lights floating in the sky--they were lanterns!  Like the ones on Tangled!  They brought the whole family out to see them!  With that stall we were able to stay long enough to talk to this brother's parents and found out this brother had been through a traumatic experience and they were so surprised he even talked to us.  Both of his parents began to cry as they thanked us for coming by, and his mother gave us huge hugs.  We will definitely have to see what else we can do to help this brother open up.

Finally, I have to brag about Jacob for a minute!  He was completely inactive when we first got here and now he is coming to church every week!  He gives our investigators rides!  He even makes institute a priority and makes comments every week!  Seeing his progression back on the gospel path is amazing!  It makes me so happy!

I hope ya'll have a blessed week!
I love all ya'll!!!  (Look how good I'm getting with the mission language!)

Sister Murray
PS    Sister Chappell, will now be serving with us, so we are a threesome.