Monday, February 10, 2014

New Technology Hastening the Work

JAX East Zone Conference
With President Craig at Zone Conference

Here's a bunch of the JAX YSA Branch at Ashley's baptism. Sisters Petramolo and Pasko (purple shirts on the right, in front of me) taught her. Jacob Rutland is in the back far left. He is the one who stopped working on the golf course on Sundays for church. If his life is the only one I change on my mission that will be enough! I LOVE all of these people so so much!
Look what we found on the way to Zone Conference!  Sister Hale has officially decided I am Rapunzel.  (I have magical hair that glows..Bad lighting Sorry!)

Feb 10, 2014
It was another slow week.  It was also another week full of laughs, but this week there were a few more headaches if you catch what I mean. :)  But that's ok.  Sometimes we need a hard time to help us grow and to help us appreciate the good times.  Aaron will not be baptized at this time, and that's been hard for Sister Hale and myself, but we do have other investigators that are progressing!  And it's important for me to remember that they all have their agency.  All we can do is guide them to come closer to Christ.  They have to actually chose to take each step or not.

A highlight of this week was Zone Conference.  Since Jax East is the smallest Zone, we met in the Fernidina building with the Kingsland Zone.  Elder Young was one of the first missionaries I saw there!  He is doing great, and he had some really wonderful comments during the meeting.  Tell his family he is a great missionary (including on Facebook!)  At Zone Conference every missionary got his or her own IPad Mini!  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! 
     Just a few of the benefits of having an IPad:
       -No sheets of paper with important information getting misplaced, which means previous investigators don't fall through the cracks!
       -Our planning book calculates how many lessons we had, and decides if our investigator is actually progressing
       -All of the missionaries in an area can be in a conversation in IMessage instead of trying to text each   companionship individually
      -We can show videos in lessons
      -We can facetime or skype lessons: which means we can have a lesson with a single man if we can't get another girl to come and we could even do a lesson when someone is out of town or during a work break
      -Someone suggested pulling up to the church (for internet access) to see who's on Facebook then asking to come by in a few minutes (wouldn't you rather learn about your Salvation than waste hours on Facebook?)
      -Soon priesthood leaders will be able to get online and look at all of our plans and teaching information
      -If we have a referral for missionaries in another area we can send it directly to them rather than going through the mission office

The list could go on and on, and the best part is that there are ideas yet to come!  Our mission is the third in the world to get them, so wish us success! 

At the Zone Conference we watched a clip of President Kimball talking about hastening the work with technology.  He must have seen our IPads and not have known how to describe them!  He compared radio towers to King Benjamin's tower which allowed people all across the land to hear the gospel.  I know that Heavenly Father is providing means for the gospel to reach every corner of the earth.  I would encourage each of you to use it for such a purpose!  Post a favorite scripture on Facebook, email a Mormon message to a friend... the possibilities are endless!

Our miracle with technology this week was that we were able to share a Mormon message with our investigator, Caitlin, when our appointment fell through.  She messaged us back on Facebook and told us it made her cry.  She then opened up about reading the Book of Mormon!  It was amazing! 

Well, ya'll I wish you the best blessed week!!!

(Also, transfers are on Feb. 18th so please don't mail anything that would get to me after Monday the 17th.  So probably don't send anything after this Wednesday to be safe.  By the way, thank you so much for the letters and packages!  They really brighten my days!)

Sister Murray