Monday, May 19, 2014

Technological Difficulties

Florida Traffic   This is the loop of the exit to our house. It usually  is not this backed up, but this day it was crazy.
Whistling like Snow White  by Sister Hale

Transfers went well.  I really miss Sister Hale... she is my sister!  BUT I also really love Sister Fife!  It is different, but it's also really good for me.  I have definitely been pushed out of my comfort zone this week as I have had to show Sister Fife the ropes of YSA.  I'm not used to not having Sister Hale to answer my questions!  But Sister Hale was a very very good trainer!  I love yeeeee Sister Hale!!!!!  (she is going to be reading this)

Tuesday was P-day and also my six month mark!  Can you believe I have been gone six months?  I can't!  We had lunch at a really good island restaurant called Bahama Breeze.  Haha, we had a good laugh when we went to the restroom and saw that they have mouthwash for their customers.  It was fun!  Then we drove around until we found Sweet Frogs Frozen yogurt.  Frogs stands for "Fully Rely On God."  That was as yummy as ever!  I LOVE frozen yogurt!

That evening we got to take a new sister out for a few hours of Prime Pross (The evening is the best time to find people because families are home so we call it prime proselyting).  Her name is Sister Stitt and she is from... Washington?  I think.  Anyway she is really great!  She is literally like a combination of me and Sister Hale so it was perfect!  We had a lesson set up, but it fell through-welcome to missionary life Sister Stitt!  And so we went to Jax Beach and talked to people there.

Wednesday afternoon we drove to Mandarin to get our new companions.  The six Elders going home bore their testimonies.  Elder Lundburg from Logan was one of them.  He was our district leader last transfer.  We got Sister Hale's bags loaded up in their truck and somewhere in the process an Elder thought  our car was his new one and he put his bike on our bike rack.  We came back to find a green bike on our rack and no missionaries around.  Haha, we laughed about riding it around until someone came to claim it.  He finally realized his mistake and got it.  Also!  I met Kyle's (my brother in law) cousin!!!!  Elder Rockwood!!!!  He was standing next to our car and he asked if I had any sisters.  I told him I did and he said one is married to his cousin!  I love connections we find on missions!

There were three sisters from temple square going back to Utah and their flight was delayed so Sister Siegle got to come with us for the rest of the day.  She is from Brazil.  She is so sweet and has a powerful testimony!  She got phone numbers while we were tracting so she can call them from Salt Lake.  We got Sister Fife moved in.  She was living in the same apartment complex just two buildings over so it was a pretty easy move.

This week my iPad decided that I was not authorized to use the missionary planner app.  So I felt super disorganized until Sister Rhoads was able to fix it Monday morning.  Then when I got on to look up the Jax East stake roster all I could see was the North Logan Green Canyon!  I was completely kicked out of the area!  We joked that I had been released early and no one told me.  AND when Sister Fife and I got together I turned on my GPS and all of the people had been deleted!  So there we were covering half of the geographically largest city in the country without people in our GPS.  Needless to say we had to take some organization time to put people back in the GPS.  I often find myself wondering why technology hates me so much.  I think it's a curse.  Well technology is just going to have to learn to live with me because I am using it to preach the gospel!

Thursday and Friday... oh and Saturday were pretty slow.  We visited some less active members, tracted apartments, and went through various ward rosters to find YSA's we don't know about.

Sundays must be my favorite!  We started out with Branch Council before church.  It was fun to introduce everyone to Sister Fife.  Only one person couldn't pronounce her name!  (She normally gets called Sister Fee-fee a lot.. haha)

After church there was a linger longer and then Phillip was baptized!  The Elders have been teaching him and he was planning on being baptized mid-summer.  Then this week the spirit prompted him to move his baptism up!  You know how everyone thought a recent convert was a member before she really was? Phillip is just like that.  I first met him at Caitlin's baptism and I had no idea he was not a member.  He is in the Navy, and he came to church after meeting Sierra (a member in the YSA who is home from her mission on medical leave for a few months) on a LDS dating website.  Only in the YSA would you find investigators on a dating website.  Haha!!!  Sister Fife and I joked about telling President Craig we need to get accounts on LDS Singles. :)

We also got a new gator!!!  Sam brought his new girlfriend to church and she is not a member!  She is so nice and we are excited to start teaching her this week!

I hope ya'll have the best week!  I love all ya'll!!!

Sister Murray