Monday, May 5, 2014

Work on the Beach

Sidewalk Chalk at St. Augustine
St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the continental United States. It was founded in 1565.  This is a street with a ton of old buildings and shops. If you want to buy a gator head, this is the place to go! Apparently, the YSA Elders go tracting down here.
The oldest wood school house in the US
The cement walls and sidewalks and even some of the buildings are made out of this rock with shells. It is called coquina. There is a fort completely made of it but we weren't able to see it. This stone makes good material for forts because cannon balls would sink into it rather than shatter or puncture it.
I FED ALLIGATORS TODAY!!! It was like feeding ducks on steroids. So So So Cool! AND THEY GROWL! This is at an alligator farm.
One day Sister Hale and I got ready and discovered we were united and matching
I spent most of today in St. Augustine so I don't have too much time to write, but it was a really good week.  On Monday before FHE we had a great lesson with two new investigators: Kendall and Nhat.  It went really well!

We spent some time tracting this week on the walkway by the beach which was so great!  We found a girl who is deaf!!!  Sister Hale was able to tell her a bit about what we were doing and gave her a card.  She and her fiancee were super nice!  Then we met a guy named Majin.  He is in the navy and was just hanging out enjoying the sun.  He had heard of the Book of Mormon broadway show but not much about the real book.  He was really interested and we are looking forward to meeting with him again!

Saturday night we were able to watch to cultural celebration for the Ft. Lauderdale temple dedication.  It was fun, but a bit more cheesy than we were expecting.  The ending was really great though--showing pictures of Florida families who had been sealed in various temples.  Then the sheet the pictures were shown on was pulled down and a huge picture of Christ was shown.  It was also fun to hear a bit about the history of the area.  President Uchtdorf talked about being a sunshine (sunshine state) for others and elevating those around you (even though the temple ground is only 20 ft above sea level).  

Sunday morning the AP's taught a Sunday School lesson for investigators.  We went to the 3:00 temple dedication.  It was AMAZING to be in the church building which became an extension of the temple for the dedication.  I miss being in the temple, and it was so uplifting!  The talks were really good!  Funny side note: President Uchtdorf said it's ok to have naps in church!!!  He said it is a way of finding peace and it is healthy!  Haha!!!!  I NEVER though I would hear a general authority talk about sleeping in church!

We had a chocolate chip waffle dinner at the Caruso's before going to church for the CES broadcast.  The broadcast was amazing!!!!  Elder Ballard was loving but so SO bold!  He said so many things that really needed to be said straight out.  LOVE IT!!!

Well off to another exciting week!  I can't believe transfers are next week already!!!  It's gone too fast!

Have a Blessed Day!
Love, Sister Murray