Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Sister Fife at Zone Conference
With  Sister Merchant
Sister Martinez shopping
A tiny frog

This was a different week... I feel like I got some good opportunities to work on Charity though! I've been studying the topic this month, and I have found that we see charity in the big acts of service, but also in the little daily actions like patience, encouragement, and positivity. Of course the greatest exemplar of charity is Jesus Christ himself. Truly "Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the pathway of discipleship”
                                  (“The Great Commandment,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2007, 28–29). 

Monday was our Zone Conference with Elder Golden.

Tuesday was our P-Day. We played warrior ball with our district. It is pretty much dodge ball, but there are no teams so every man for himself!

Wednesday we had interviews with President Craig. Half of our district came for a lesson from Sister Craig about safety and rules. One by one President tapped us out to talk to him. It is always so good to visit with President! He asked my opinion about the work in the area and the apartment situation. He always asks how things are at home, and I even got some school advice from him. I just love the Craigs so much!

Thursday was moving day. It took about three hours to get our furniture and other items moved down the street to the Asbury apartments. (5333 SW 75th at Apt 177) These apartments are so nice! Our whole district helped and we had two members bring their trucks.  The moving went pretty quick and the Elders set up our bed frames. Elder Young even put all of our food away in the kitchen for us. If we ever couldn't find something we would ask, "Now, where would Elder Young put this?" We really appreciated all of the help!

Elders Collins and Walgomott moved into our apartment after that. This actually was a huge blessing because about this same time several sisters were diagnosed with scabies. They have been quarantined to the Elders old apartment. Elder Collins decided it would be nice to make dinners for them so he called us and told us we could be in charge of organizing meals for them. Haha, I guess he has learned the art of delegation. 

Friday we were super busy. We rushed through weekly planning and we used our lunch time to make dinner for the sisters. Then we dropped off dinner on our way to a district service project for the 2nd Ward sisters’ investigator. It went really well! During the move Sister Martinez's leg started to really hurt. She had someone collide with her playing soccer the p day before transfers. It just seemed to be badly bruised, but moving put a lot of stress on it and hurt her leg more. The medical missionary, Elder Andrew, said we needed to take her to the doctor. Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule. We were able to get our wonderful sister training leaders to trade off earlier though so Sister Lawrence took Sister Martinez to the doctor and Sister Merchant did service with me. I had an amazing trade off with Sister Merchant! It was her first one as a sister training leader. She came out the transfer after me. We were able to go out and work hard which was so nice since we had been taking it fairly slow with Sister Martinez's leg.

Saturday Sister Merchant and I got three other lessons in one apartment building! It was great! We traded companions back and I learned that Sister Martinez's leg was fractured. She has a cane. We went to our dinner appointment and we got permission from President to use their computer so Sister Martinez could email her x Rays to the area missionary doctor. He called later and said he thinks it might be worse than we first thought. So we were a bit stressed for the Women's Broadcast that night, but it was good. I definitely felt the spirit and loved all of the talks about the temple and covenants. Our ward met at 7:39 for a chocolate appreciation. Everyone brought food to dip in chocolate. The sisters with scabies got to come too (as long as they didn't hug anyone :) ). 

After the meeting we stopped by our old complexes and Elders Collins and Walgamott brought a chair to the parking lot to give Sister Martinez a blessing. Then we went to Walgreens to find a brace for her knee. We just found out she needed one right before the broadcast. The only problem is that the closest
Walgreens closed at 10:00 and we got there just at 10:00. Elder Andrew found a 24 hour store for us, but they didn't have the kind she needed. We called a member who used to specialize in orthopedics and he said we wouldn't find one on a Saturday night. So we went home and got to bed about 11:30.

We were both pretty tired Sunday and we ended up staying at the church from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm since we couldn't go out to work. It was the Sunday of the primary program which was so fun! We found out this Ward has 31 infants and 59 children and the average sacrament meeting attendance is about 150. Young Ward! I love it! 

We are looking forward to another week! We have made a list of things we can do in our apartment to stay productive. Elders Baldwin and Tauoa are coming to dedicate our apartment today too! 

Also! The new movie, Meet the Mormons, is coming out in October. It is a video about 6 Mormons. It will be shown in select theaters according to requests so we are working to get our members to request it near us.  You can see the trailer and request to see it near you at meetthemormons.com

AND! Don't forget to join the event on a Facebook  The  Prophet Speaks. This Friday post your picture and share your testimony about the prophet or a favorite conference quote. Include #theprophetspeaks. If you are up for a real challenge (and huge blessings) invite a non member to watch conference next weekend. I can hardly wait to hear our prophet speak! I know that President Monson is a prophet of God. He holds the priesthood authority to lead Christ's church. 

Happy Conference weekend!
Sister Murray