Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Autumn

Companion on Crutches
Sister Martinez
Thanks for the package!
Tiny Lizard
Our new apartment!  So Nice!


Warrior Ball
We made it to Sweet Frogs. Yum!
It is starting to feel like fall at a frigid 69 degrees. I know y'all in Utah are jealous, but we really felt cold last night when it got down to 69 degrees. I was thinking about how cold I’m going to be this winter... Then I was thinking how frozen I will be NEXT winter.  Maybe  I'll just stay in Florida ;)

Our progressing investigators has again dropped to zero. Nikita has fallen off the face of the earth. She told us her family asked her some things about Mormons so she had questions, but we were never able to meet again. She hasn't been answering our calls or Sister Jeppson's. It looks like we will have to drop her.  Sheree has had a lot of problems in her family and we haven't had too much contact with her either  lately.

This week we spent a lot of time inside for Sister Martinez's leg finding ways to stay productive. We went to the doctor again and learned that Sister Martinez just has really bad bone bruising.  She is  on crutches at least until the end of the month. No biking, and limited tracting. So on our bike days we are fairly home bound. We have been able to get members to take us to our appointments though!  That is a blessing!

Last week Sister Woods (they finally called a sister Ward missionary!) came with us to a lesson with a girl Sister Stitt and I met tracting named Yashimabet. We were able to teach the whole restoration, but the
environment was not conducive to the spirit. She wouldn't let us in and she didn't want to shut her door so she just stood in the door way Her nieces and nephew kept coming and asking her to get things and  her family was yelling at her to shut the door. The whole lesson only took about 15 minutes.  She  accepted a Book of Mormon. We are going to invite her to come to a Sister Woods' next time. With such a short lesson we decided to take advantage of having a member with us. I suggested we see the Shepherds. We haven't seen them or heard from them lately.  It was funny, when we got in the car I realized we had  other people in the same complex as Yashimabet planned as backups, but  I hadn't even thought of them. I think Elder  Golden's lesson on following first thoughts kicked in. We found the Shepherds home and were able to share a short message. Brother and Sister Shepherd talked the most and Tammy is the one who is most interested in learning so we want to find a time to have Tammy come to the Woods' also. It would be great if we could teach her without distractions. We found out Tammy is in the same grade as Sister Woods' daughter! Miracle!

On Saturday a member texted us and said she felt inspired to refer her neighbor to us! That is a miracle too! We stopped by her neighbor's that night. She was super nice, but she was also a Jehovah's Witness.
She wasn't interested in learning more, but we were still grateful for the referral.

Wasn't general conference amazing?! We watched all four sessions at the church building. We had some people we thought would come, but no one did. I still enjoyed it! I love hearing servants of the Lord and I know their messages are inspired. I heard some things I really needed this weekend and I hope all of you did too. After conference we went to the park where a lot of families had a potluck dinner Cafe Rio style!     Yum!