Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day, Columbus Day, and my 11-Month Mark

My crazy twin sisters each sent me the same package on the same day! You
two are nuts! I love you!  It is just like when I used to have the
same conversation with each of you on the phone! It made me laugh so
much! Thank you!
Dinner from my twin packages.
This is what happens when you spend half the week inside
More big bugs!  Elder Lake said it was a katydid. It was huge!
It's hard to see but these are gators on the UF campus.
Our treats for Meet the Mormons

This week was more of trying to find ways to stay productive while inside without a car Monday-Wednesday. We were able to do Facebook, we've made phone calls, and we have been watching Mormon Messages we might use with lessons. We made cookies to take to less active members too. So it's been good. I had a cold this week and that was annoying, but I'm doing better now!

Tuesday morning our Zone met in the institute building to watch Meet the Mormons. It is soooo good! It had us laughing and I almost cried (which is saying something because I don't cry in movies). I loved seeing the different lifestyles and personalities of six people who share the same faith. Please take your friends to it if it is in a theater near you! It is amazing!  Sister Martinez was super excited for the football coach. I loved it all so much!

Tuesday evening we went to mutual with the Young Women. Sister Janson volunteered to pick us up early to feed us dinner! Then we went and did family history with the young women. Elders Collins and Walgomott taught us how to do it better. It was fun.

Wednesday evening we got a ride with Sister Ashley Gooch (Relief Society President) and Sister Mallory Gooch (Their husbands are brothers) to help a new ward member unpack. Her name is Sister Hague and her less active son and nonmember daughter in law lives with her too. We weren't there very long, but it was fun. On the car ride we were telling them how we keep realizing that we forgot to bring things from our old apartment. Sister Martinez burnt her finger trying to use a fork instead of a spatula since we didn't have a spatula. A few minutes after returning to our apartment we heard a knock on our door. That's always different for missionaries to get knocks on our doors. We answered and found a bag with candy and a spatula! We texted them to thank them and they said they didn't know what we were talking about. They are so sweet!

Friday evening our Ward mission leader, Brother Bennion, came to a lesson with us. We went to teach Alice and Dale. They forgot we were coming and Dale was drunk. At first he seemed fairly sober, but he more we talked the more it became apparent he was pretty out of it. Gratefully Brother Bennion taught a lot of drunk people on his mission in Brazil and it snapped him right into missionary mode. He was phenomenal! He had some great analogies and his testimony was great. Alice probably will remember more of the lesson than Dale. Brother Bennion invited them to church, but they ended up not coming.

Saturday we visited, or tried to visit, a lot of less active members, potential investigators, and former investigators. Sister Martinez's leg was hurting so we got permission to do Facebook (we can't normally do Facebook on Saturdays unless there is a special Facebook event coming up.) I was able to teach a lesson to an online investigator, Giova. He is from Texas, but he is currently living in London. A random member who friended me online told me to talk to him, and he ended up being interested! I was able to teach the entire Restoration online! He agreed to read the Book of Mormon, but he doesn't seem to believe that it is important to ask God what is true and what is not. He believes truth will stand out on it's own without going to the ultimate source of truth. We will work on that :) I have been praying for an investigator online so this is a miracle! Other than the hang up with truth he is loving the message. He says it is, "awesome."  I have to agree!  The only other concern is that he started asking how old I was... So I sure hope this doesn't turn into my first mission proposal! ;)

I hope y'all have a blessed week. Reread the conference talks and decide how you can apply them in your lives! I know these talks are the specific things we need to focus on at this time and as we heed the counsel of our leaders we will see great blessings and we will become better sons and daughters of God.

Sister Murray