Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Week in Paradise


Angel's baptism
Service! We planted a garden in Dunn Ave! It felt so good to get in the dirt!  

Decorating Veronica's tree (recent convert and her mother)
Decorating for Sister Weber with Sister McCleary
Ward Christmas party: standing sisters- Sister McCleary (YSA), Sister Kloepfer
Elder Searle, Santa, Elder Payne
Sister Murray, Sister Yeakley (YSA) 

Sister Kloepfer's mother made ornaments of us!
 This was a slower week, but we did have some miracles.

We were able to visit a less active sister and a recent convert sister who were both in the hospital. We got a great work out wandering all over the hospital trying to find their rooms! It was sad to see them in there though.

This week we were able to have two members of the ward, Brother Fletcher and Brother Hairel, give Karen a blessing for her back. It was the most beautiful member present lesson! They taught her the basics of the priesthood so perfectly! And we all really felt the spirit during the blessing. 

Karen came to church this Sunday and loved it. Bryson Dains just got home from his mission his week and Karen loved his talk!

The ward Christmas party was Saturday evening. It was fun, but none of the families we invited came. However, there were some members who invited nonmember neighbors!!! That is always the best! 

Today Summer Dains took us ice skating at the rink she works at! I must say, that's not something I thought I would be doing on my mission in Florida! It was so fun!

Sorry to keep it so short this week! I love all y'all!!!

PS- I forgot to tell y'all last week- after emailing on P Day we walked out of the church to find a semi in the parking lot! We went up to the cab and started talking to the driver. Turns out his son lives across from the church and he was stopping in to see him while he was driving through. We had a lesson with him as he sat n his cab and he said we could send missionaries to him in Georgia!