Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I’m a Real Missionary Now!!

Wednesday was Sister Kloepfer's 20th birthday! We started off the day with Zone Meeting. It was the first time for each of us to give a training in zone meeting. I taught on being a leader. There are some things I think I could do better, but it was a good meeting. Then we went to lunch with Sister Dains and Summer. We had sandwiches from Blue Boys, fruit salad, and her yummy melon ice cream dessert. 

We got dinner that night too with Sister Ford and Sister Manning. They took us to Carabbas- Italian food! It was very good and fun! As we were leaving a man stopped us and said he was a member from Salt Lake! We gave him a pass along card to leave at his table with the check. 

One evening we were tracting a neighborhood near the church. We had an older man tell us about a family in the neighborhood with six boys. Of course we start thinking six future missionaries! Well... No go on that one. They are extremely set in their religion. The wife told us she was concerned for our souls, the husband tried to tell us why our doctrine wasn't true. Then out of no where their 15 year old son pops into the doorway with Bible in hand and says, "Let me share this scripture in Isaiah..." Who are these people? Man, they would sure make great members, but they weren't willing to listen and we don't cast our pearls before swine so we had to run away when we got the chance. 

I was backing the car out of a driveway. Sister Kloepfer backed out and was almost all the way back to the direction she wanted to be going. Then I looked up and saw a pit bull running towards the passenger side of the car. I don't get why people down here like Pitts so much! It didn't look like it was in attack mode, but since Pitt Bulls are known for fighting I didn't want it to think my leg was a chew toy. I ran around to the opposite end of the car and tried to open the back door so I could jump in, but  unfortunately the new Toyotas have this fancy feature that lock the door whenever the car is not in park. So I started banging on the door and poor Sister Kloepfer was so confused, but she unlocked the door and I hopped in just as the dog ran over to the driver’s side where I had been standing. We drove around the corner then I got out and ran to the front seat. Haha, I guess I'm a real missionary now that I've been chased by a dog!!!

Saturday Angel Castro was baptized! He is a nine year old boy with a mother and brother who are members! He was so excited! His stepfather and grandfather, who are not members, came. He is a good example for them. I was able to speak about the Holy Ghost. It was a simple but beautiful baptism. He was confirmed the next day in church. Then he bore his testimony! It was so sweet!

Sunday night we stopped by Amisty's. Her mother is not really interested in learning at this time but wants Amisty to continue. It's hard because Amisty can't be baptized if she doesn't have support at home to get to church each week. They both promised to come to family home evening Monday night. They even pinkie promised... But no go. Looks like we will be dropping them, but Amisty will remember what she has learned and felt. Maybe that will help her in the future.

In order to watch the Christmas devotional we had to have a less active member or an investigator with us. Everyone we invited was bailing out! With only about ten minutes before it started we called up Karen, our investigator, and she said we could come over and watch it on her tablet with her. It was just what we all needed!

Transfer calls brought some surprises! All the Arlington missionaries are the same though. And we learned that in January Elder Neil L. Anderson will be coming to speak to the whole mission!!! So excited!

Have a blessed week y'all! 
 16 days until Christmas (but who's countin?)
Sister Alyson Murray