Monday, February 23, 2015

Ipads and Miracles

RS Activity Thelma, me, Veronica, Karen, Sister McCook

Sister McCook, Thelma, me 
I Love Karen!
Sisters at the beach
Sister McIsaac's Hula
Sister Thomas the RS Pres

Sister McCook, Sister Fasick, Thelma, Sister Garlitz, Veronica, Me,
and Sister Pennington on the front.
Last Monday after Family Home Evening at the church we took Summer with us to teach Brandon.  Brandon just recently converted to Catholicism. We taught him the restoration and he isn't certain about it yet, but he is open.  He really wants to attend church with us! 

Tuesday morning we attended the Ft. Caroline district meeting before beginning our trade off with the ft. Caroline sisters.  Sister Case came to Arlington with me.  It was a bit of a different day, but good.  We cleaned Sister Beverly's floors. She is a sweet elderly lady and she had a nurse there when we came.  She started telling him all about the church. I love it!  That evening we were able to visit Sister McNeal with Veronica!  Sister McNeal was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it was a tender mercy that we brought Veronica along because they found out they only live a block away from each other so Sister McNeal always has someone close by to call if she needs anything as she goes into surgery this week. 

Wednesday morning we swapped back companions and headed to Dunn Ave for our own district meeting.  We were also able to teach Jojo one more time.  She is not willing to come to church at this time and she is not progressing so we told her she can call us when she is ready to learn more.  She is so sweet we will miss seeing her.  We were also able to teach Karen that night with Sister Nuttal!  She loves Sister Nuttal!  

Thursday was amazing!  Sisters from Waycross, Georgia had spent the night with us for the big meeting.  Elder Zwick of the 70 came with Brother Hemmingway who is over the technology side of the missionary department.  There are some new changes coming out and we were the very first mission to get them!!!  We learned a lot about using iPads and Facebook, but what I mostly remember is the strong spirit as they spoke about the work we were doing.  We learned about obedience and that we should continually be improving in a "spiritual trajectory."  At the beginning of the meeting we were told to ask, "Am I willing to change?"  We have to be willing to change so we can grow from what we learn. This week every missionary will be getting a new iPad mini.  Those who will be here after August will be required to pay for their own. Those going home before will be able to turn them back into the church when they depart.  These iPads hold more storage and will be faster.  We will also be going off Facebook for approximately two months to restart the Facebook work completely.  We received drafts of two new books for missionaries about using technology effectively and safely.  We also saw a sneak preview of the Church's Easter initiative which will come out next month.  Get excited y'all!  It's going to be beautiful!  Oh, and I got to play piano for the meeting so that was fun!  I played while everyone walked up to shake Elder Zwick and Brother Hemmingway's hands too.  

We were able to teach Pete that evening before heading to the Relief Society activity: "A Trip to Hawaii."  It was super cute.  They had made invitations like a plane ticket and you turned those in at the door to the RS room.  The room was set up like the inside of an airplane and a member of the ward was dressed up as a pilot.  They had stewardess passing out treats and masks taped onto the back of the seats!  So cute!  On the "flight" we watched a short movie about visiting teaching.  Then we exited the plane and went into the gym which was set up like Hawaii.  Two girls put leis around our necks and there were treats and decorations and the Bishop's wife was dancing the hula. They had some short thoughts about visiting teaching and we enjoyed one another's company.  It was Sister Thomas's sneaky way of having a visiting teaching activity--she didn't think people would come if they knew that was the topic!  it was super fun and cute!  Karen even came and she was so welcomed!  She LOVED it!

After weekly planning on Friday we started another trade off!  I went to Atlantic Beach with Sister Bowers this time.  Sister Bowers came out with me and the first day we met we both thought the other looked familiar but we could never figure out why we knew each other... so we decided we were just best friends in the premortal life!  We had so much fun!  And we saw miracles!  Her trade off goal was to better work with members.  We decided that night we would visit a member who gave a referral to the previous sisters--Sister Goode.  Sister Goode actually served her mission here in Jacksonville!  She invited us right in for hot chocolate and girl scout cookies (and that was the night it was about 34 degrees so it was appreciated!)  We shared a message with her and it really touched her.  She said she would allow us to come back the following day and do service for her, even though she doesn't like to let others serve her.  

Saturday we went back to the Goodes and helped with pinning and cutting a sewing project she had going on.  Then the neighbor she had referred, Cheryl, came over!  We were able to teach her a lesson in the Goode's home and Sister Goode bore testimony!  It was so great!

Sunday was amazing!  Kurtis Williams spoke in church and he invited his neighbors, and they came!!!  There was also a part member family that just moved here and decided they needed to start coming back to church after 15 years--the Cooks.  They want us to teach their two children who were not baptized!  Such a miracle!  That evening we had dinner with the Nuttals.  Sister Nuttal told us she takes cards with her everywhere and hands them out-grocery stores, on campus, etc.  She is such an example!

Well, I hope y'all are having a great week!  Remember Transfers are this week! Talk to y'all next Tuesday!

Sister Murray