Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop the Work from Progressing

 After an amazing MLC Sister McCook and I were talking to President. All of a sudden he told us, "with that being said, I'm closing down your area." I wish someone would have been in the office with us to take a picture of the shocked looks on our faces. I’m sure they were hilarious! President didn't even crack a smile though. He then went on to tell us he was calling Sister McCook as a Sister Training Coordinator- she will be in Mandarin 1st with Sister Kloepfer! He then told me I would still be a sister training leader, but I would be going to Hendricks Ave ward.  There are fewer sisters in our mission now so rather than having STL's in both zones my new companion and I will be over the sisters in both the Mandarin Zone and the Jax East Zone. It was so hard to wait until the transfer call Monday to tell anyone.

Reasons I'm excited for this transfer:

1- I still get to work with all the sisters in the Jax East zone, and now I get even more amazing sisters to
     work with and serve.
2- I love the Mandarin Zone! Also, This will be my third ward in the Jax East Stake! (Arlington, YSA, and
3- Sister Gillman is a super sweet sister! We got to know each other a little bit at the Book of Mormon
    Musical. Fun fact: her brother was in my home YSA ward, and I never got to know him very well, but
    he married a girl I grew up with--Krista Whittle. So that was a fun connection.
4- Whenever I go on trade offs with the sister coordinators I will be going with one of my past
    companions. (Sister Kloepfer and McCook).
5- I will get to go on trade-offs in two of my past areas--YSA and Arlington (which will be taken over by
   Sister Bowers and a trainee)

I could go on, but unfortunately packing has taking much of my time and I don't have long to write. I am so excited to work in Hendricks though and so grateful to be able to stay close to my Jax East Sisters. 

Here's my new mailing address:
1564 Arcadia Dr 
Apt 517
Jacksonville, Florida 

This past week was super busy--but I'm not really sure what we did! Here's a couple updates for y'all though.

We decided we needed to hand Marc off to the Elders. He was getting creepy... So the Elders get him!

We did get to teach this amazing part member family--the Cooks. The parents just decided to come back to church after 15 years of inactivity. Their fourteen year old daughter wants to be baptized so this week we went to their house and taught them! They told us the 25 year old son was baptized... At age 5... So we will do some detective work on that. We believe he will be getting baptized with his sister, which is so exciting!!!

We had some wonderful time with our recent converts. We taught Thelma a lesson then she came out teaching with us. We even got to go out to dinner with Thelma and Veronica which was the best! 

MLC was great! All of the district leaders came this time. We talked about using our digital tools effectively, and we also established mission rules. It was so great! This Wednesday we had our zone meeting where we gave trainings off of MLC. President and Sister Craig came and did an extra training for us after the meeting about allowing our mission experience to change us for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful for all I am learning and becoming on my mission. I truly do have a front row seat to the Atonement working in people's lives. That is an opportunity I will not have in the same way again. I also see the Atonement working in me. 

After zone meeting we received our new iPads. They are beautiful! I am so grateful for the tools we have been given to help the hastening of God's work progress. I've been thinking this week for my training about how my purpose: "to invite others to come unto Christ..." Ties into God's purpose which is explained in the following verse: "This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." ( Moses 1:39) It truly is amazing that God allows us to take part in his great work. And as Joseph Smith so perfectly stated, "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." I will miss my dear Arlington, but the work goes on and I know I have been called to Hendricks by my Heavenly Father! The work continues, and I am excited to see what miracles are in store! 

I love all y'all! Have a blessed day!
Sister Murray

PS   Our area isn't completely closed.   It's just not a STL area anymore. Sister Bowers will be there training!