Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My First Week in Hendricks

It was so hard to say bye to Pete and Amy and also Karen Jones in Arlington.  I
will miss them all!  But there are new great things ahead!

Sister Gillman and I are great at cooking!  mmm... burnt toast!  Haha,
but we do make yummy green smoothies for breakfast every day!

I can already tell this transfer is going to go way to fast!  Sister Gillman and I don’t think we will stay together longer than a transfer-we get along too well already!  We have been having so much fun and laughing a lot... maybe too much (if that is even possible!).  We cover 8 sets of sisters so we are going to be busy staying in touch with them and going on about two trade offs every week.  But it will be fun.  

The work is going great in Hendricks!  We have the cutest 80 year old man getting baptized on Easter.  His name is Brother Zielinski.  His wife joined the church years ago, but it has taken him 30 years or more to decide to join.  Now he is so excited! Just know that it is never too late to accept the gospel!  I was reading in 3 Nephi 24:7 and was reminded that no matter how far we go Christ is always willing to let us come into his open arms.  If i learn one thing on my mission it would be that the power of the Atonement is real.  It is so real that anyone with a true desire can change!  Sometimes we listen to Satan and think we can't, but it isn't true!

We did service for the Zielinski family this week.  Now whenever I see a fern I want to go rip it out of the ground!  We had both sets of Elders in our ward and Elder and Sister Winter.  (Elder and Sister Winter are a senior couple.  Sister Winter is over the medical side of the mission and Elder Winter covers cars and iPads).

There are a lot of fun connections in this ward to the Arlington ward.  That has been great!  Our ward mission leader is the best!  His name is Brother Cano.  Sister Chappell and Sister DeSpain actually reactivated him and his wife last year!  I heard a lot about them from her and even met them a couple times.  We came with Sister Chappell to a baptism of someone she had taught here named LeAnn and now I get to see LeAnn every Sunday!  (LeAnn lives with the Cano's).  I love this ward!  And the Bishop is amazing!  He set up a time to give me a Bishop's blessing (we normally get a blessing when transferred to a new ward) I didn't even have to ask!  And I got asked to speak next Sunday!  I am excited to get involved so soon!  

I am looking forward to meeting with a woman named Brittany this week.  Sister McCook and I met her in  WalMart  on a P day and gave her a Book of Mormon.  We reassigned her to the Hendricks sisters so now I get to go see her!  I am so excited!

It was a fun and good week, but there's not a whole lot to share.  Oh, I guess y'all will want to know more about Sister Gillman!

Sister Gillman is from Myton, UT.  She has two sisters and a brother (who married Krista Whittle).  She will be starting school at USU this fall.  She has been on her mission for 14 months and served in St. Johns, Ft. Caroline, and Hendricks.  We have a lot of fun together--making up songs, taking pictures, making...or burning... food, and doing great missionary work!  It's going to be crazy covering 8 sets of sisters, but I am excited for this transfer!  

I love all y'all!!!
Sister Murray