Monday, March 16, 2015

So Many Miracles!

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!
Service at Zielinski's sisters, Elder Dewsnup, Elder Randall, Elder
Lund, Elder Ray

Begging Elder Winter for more miles
Happy Pi Day!   3.1415

This was a truly remarkable week! I could say that every week.. But it's true!

On our Monday morning leadership conference call the assistants challenged us to invite someone to baptism everyday--each companion. So Sister Gillman and I decided to go for it. That night I was able to invite someone fairly quickly, but the time was ticking and we needed to find someone for a Sister Gillman to invite. We were running around knocking doors, but no success. We decided to try a potential investigator on our way home.  We knocked and she answered, even though she had to get out of bed to do so... Oops... at 8:59 Sister Gillman invited her to baptism!!! We saw miracles like that every day this week, and we achieved our goal! We each invited someone to be baptized every day and it felt so good! Most of the people were just at their doors so we didn't get to set specific baptism dates, and not everyone said yes, but we did our part!

Tuesday we started our trade off with the YSA sisters. Sister Perkes came to Hendricks with Sister Gillman and I got to go to YSA with Sister Malm! It was so so so much fun being back in my old area! During our finding time we decided to make it more fun by rating our awkward moments on a scale from 1-10. I think we only got to about a 7 though with a man who was on his porch lifting weights and sweating like none other! Haha, it was fun! That day we also met with my past branch mission leader! He hasn't been to church for a while so we went to see him. It was good! We also went to institute that night! It was great to see a lot of the members I knew!

Wednesday when I got back with Sister Gillman I found out the assistants had a referral for us! They had a woman walk into the church! They taught her the first three lessons before finding out she wasn't in their ward, they thought she lived in our ward, but weren't sure. We stopped by the family history center and looked up her address and we cheered when we found out she was! Her name is Lana and we have yet to meet with her, but we have an appointment tonight and I can't wait!  That day we also went back and taught an 18 year old named Morgan! He is so elect! The sisters before me found him while doing the survey.

Thursday we had our weekly planning so that made the whole week seem to go fast! That night we drove to the mission office to pick up some sisters from Ocala to stay with us for the night.

Friday we had a mission conference in Orange Park! Elder Kopischki of the 70 came! He is incredible! He is truly a master teacher! I was asked to play piano again (which was so fun). And he came up when he first walked in and asked if I could play piano while shaking his hand... It didn't work too well but I did get to shake his hand, and he thanked me for playing.  He started off by telling us he hadn't come with an agenda. That agenda would be set by what we wanted to know. He asked us what qualities we admired about Joseph Smith. He said we need to develop these qualities because we need a generation that creates not just follows in the world. The rest of the six hour meeting (which was only supposed to last four hours... But who is going to complain about extra time with a general authority?) It was opened to  asking questions. He taught us a lot of skills about teaching, testifying, and talking with everyone. He did some role plays with the Assistants. He is a powerful teacher! I know that I want to testify of Jesus Christ every chance I get for the rest of my mission! We also learned tips to better work with members and to get referrals. He talked a lot about the fair cycle. We have to begin to experiment and work--At the end I was able to ask a question too. He gave us some good resources to study up on.  I was continually amazed at his ability to take a question and expound and teach off of it. We learned so much!

Directly after the meeting we began another trade off. Sister Gillman went to Ft. Caroline (her old area) with Sister Case and Sister Mackay came here with me. Let's just say I don't really know the area yet... Haha thank goodness for gps! We had a member feed us at Bono's BBQ then met up with another member for an appointment. The appointment fell through so we walked around the complex to talk to people-- and invited two people to be baptized! It was incredible!

Saturday we had coordination and I was confused on the time so we showed up a half hour early--time to practice lessons! After lunch we went to a baptism the YSA sisters had. The spirit was so strong and it made us want to invite more people to baptism! 

Sunday was wonderful! We got asked to teach Relief Society last minute. Then we taught Sunday School. Then I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. (Yes that is the order of the meetings) It is a good thing I love teaching! 

So it was really an incredible week! I am excited for this week to go out and tell more people that I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that because He lives we can live again. It is through His Atonement I find strength to do tough things and to love tough things. I do love being a missionary!

Have a blessed week!
Sister Murray