Monday, May 18, 2015

Blessings from the Spirit

Sketchy Apartment 101-Back in your companion before it gets dark
Move Night-Meet the Mormons
Popcorn Anyone?
Family Home evening was incredible! We asked the Bartling family if they would take Lori as their investigator and they agreed. They invited her and her father  Monday night and we got to come too! President Bartling is the Stake President and Sister Bartling is the Primary president. Their family is incredible. They have four boys between the ages of 12 and 18. The oldest leaves on his mission next month.  Lori really enjoyed family home evening and the Bartlings were just loving her month old baby-Jaden!

We had an appointment Tuesday afternoon in one of the sketchier apartment complexes. We were running around trying to find the apartment and we walked past a group of people. I was nervous to talk to them and we were running late so we continued on. Well our appointment forgot apparently. I knew we had to go back to that group because we need to talk with everyone about the gospel! We went back and one woman named Latricia was really intrigued by our message. Everyone else conveniently had somewhere to go so we taught Latricia part of the Restoration right there, she kept saying, "you learn something every day!" Indeed you do Latricia. We also taught Cheyenne Clark-the 10 year old girl. She is doing very well and is excited to be baptized.

Wednesday morning we spent getting our oil changed and tires rotated. Then we went to the Kirklands to teach them about the Plan of Salvation again. That family is incredible! You would think they have been members their whole lives!

District meeting was moved to Thursday this week. It was a really great meeting! We learned about being a consecrated missionary. It's interesting how the spirit can teach you things that aren't even spoken. The whole training about being a consecrated missionary became applicable for me as an RM in my mind.  

That night we taught Latricia. We only had an opening at 8:00pm and we were kind of scared to go into that apartment at night. It was still light when we got there so I backed Sister Elliott into a parking spot so we could have a quick get away without me having to back her to leave in the dark. It ended up really not being that bad. There were still kids playing outside and such when we left so don't worry Mom!  Latricia is incredible! She loves what we teach! She went to the same church all her life in Brunswick and hadn't found a new church when she moved here. After the lesson Sister Eilliott reminded me of something. Almost a month ago a received a blessing from President Craig. In that blessing I had an impression that here was someone prepared for the gospel that we needed to find. There were probably many we needed to find, but Latricia is absolutely one of them. I feel so strongly she is one we were meant to meet. She and her fiancĂ©e will be married in July so we are hoping to set an August baptismal date in our next appointment.

Friday we had a great weekly planning session. In the evening we had dinner with a member and then took her out with us. There is this motel that several members/elder's gators live in and it is like a soap opera. Anyway, this member is obsessed with missionaries (mostly Elders) so we took her out with us and told the Elders to go teach her boyfriend while she was gone. She wasn't very happy to find out she had missed them.... It was a great night though!

Saturday was crazy! We were running all over teaching and finding and then we set up for a movie! We showed "Meet the Mormons" at the church. About 35 people came and there where about 6 non members so it was good. It all came together, but that night i felt completely drained! Also, that night Lori told us she may be moving next weekend... the weekend she was going to be baptized. We went into a classroom and talked. Gratefully the spirit took over, because I didn't know what to say. The spirit was there, and now we will wait and see what Lori decides to do. I love this sister so dearly. It makes me sad to know she is struggling.

Sunday we got to go to "Great to Be 8." It was in the Bartling home with three girls preparing to be baptized- one was Cheyenne. It was a fun afternoon!

I have a lot of people ask me how I'm feeling about going home.  I've been studying D&C sections 6-9 lately and I think D&C 9:9 is applicable and the spirit is protecting me with a "stupor of thought" from realizing how soon I come home. My mind knows I am going home soon so I want to work extra hard, but it definitely hasn't hit me yet that I am actually going to be home sometime soon. So how am I feeling? I am excited to see my family, to be able to go to the temple as often as I want, and to get back in school, but oh how I will miss it here. I love the area-heat, humidity, rain and all. But mostly I love the people! I love their love for Christ and I will miss them. But as Adam and Eve needed to leave the Garden of Eden in order to continue to progress I know I will need to move on at some point too.  But until then I am ready to keep sharing the gospel. When a missionary goes home it's the mission lingo that he or she "dies." Well we have decided that I will never "die".  I will simply be translated and keep working when I am home! I like that a lot better. :)

See all y'all next week!
Sister Murray