Monday, May 11, 2015

Planning for Miracles

Crazy Howling Dog

Monday evening was really strange. We went to the street we had chosen on the map for our golden hour and it ended up being a trailer park with campers and trailers. We didn't feel right being  there so we just knocked a few doors. No one wanted to listen to us. We did have a lady tell us to try her neighbor. We left a note for him and he actually called us back and thanked us even though he wasn’t interested.

Tuesday the Sister Training Leaders came to our district meeting. They gave trainings from MLC. I really liked the focus on Becoming. Heavenly Father is more interested in who we are and who we can become than who we once were. When we try to see others as who they can become too it is easier to really love them.  Right after district meeting we began our trade off. I've missed going on trade offs so I was really excited. I went to Brunswick with Sister Coutts. Sister Pasko stayed in St. Marys with Sister Elliott. I was a sister training leader for both of my current STL's so it's really fun to see how much they have grown and to learn from their examples. We had a nice long drive (our zone is geographically huge!) and had a great discussion about the work and becoming. I learned a lot! We spent the evening tracting, trying potentials, and we had dinner with a less active family. They have this dog that howls when you do. Needless to say we had a lot of fun with it!

Wednesday morning I got to go to Sister Coutts' district meeting before coming back to St. Marys. Then we actually all car pooled to Jacksonville. Tuesday night we realized we both needed to go there for doctor appointments. We had been having a hard time finding a ride and we didn't have the miles to drive ourselves so that was a miracle. We had a lot of fun on our road trip too! As soon as we got back we went to an appointment with Cheyenne. She is learning so much! No one showed up for our scripture class that night so we went out and tried to find some referrals in the area.

Thursday afternoon we went to do service for Sister Pappas. We were weeding under her porch and then laying down weed barrier under the mulch. It was a hot service project, but we enjoyed it. We were supposed to have a lesson with Miss Blake, but she canceled. So we were able to stay for dinner with Sister Pappas. Our STL's taught us about planning for miracles. Each day this month we are to choose one miracle we feel can happen, put it into the area book as an appointment, and then work to achieve it. We had planned to have the miracle of inviting someone to baptism, but in recognizing we wouldn't be out of Sister Pappas's on time to find someone to invite I realized that wouldn't happen. Then Sister Elliott had a brilliant idea! She suggested setting a second baptism date with Sister Pappas--a day to go to the temple to do baptisms for her ancestors. It completely changed our lesson and helped us see what Sister Pappas needs to do to get back in church and back to the temple by the day she chose-June 16th.  We had a Relief Society activity that night too. Not too many women came, but Priscilla came with her girls and Lori came. It was good to have them there and we had a wonderful evening.  We made little purses out of paper bags with quotes and items like in the "Parable of the Purse." That is the story about the young women's purse that is left at the church and the leaders look through it and see what kind of woman the purse belonged to.

Friday was weekly planning of course. Right after weekly planning we got on our bikes to go to Lori's. It started raining when we started biking. And of course that was the appointment she decided to cancel. We didn't get her text until we were at her house and by then it had stopped raining but we were pretty wet. We were able to try some other people in her neighborhood before biking home to get some dry clothes on.

Saturday we were determined to bike all day to save up miles on our car. It was a hot day, but it was really good! We did get to see Lori. She is doing great! She talked a lot in that lesson when she is normally pretty quiet. We taught Ronnie that night too. He hasn't been coming to church so we may have to drop him soon. We explained to him why we leave him with commitments and told him if he didn't start acting we wouldn't be able to see him any more. We certainly hope he will start keeping commitments. 

It was a wonderful Mother's Day! I got to give a talk in Sacrament meeting. I used Sister  Stephens and Elder Perry's conference talks. We had dinner with Brother Jarmin who was just baptized a couple weeks ago. We had just enough time to try to contact a referral before Skyping home.  It turns out  the complex had just renumbered their apartments so it wasn't the woman we were looking for, but the woman who answered was very nice and was familiar with Elders. They come into her work all the time. Her name is Latoya. We were able to teach her about the Restoration. As we were walking away Sister Elliott pointed out that her house was yellow and the miracle we had planned that day was to teach a lesson in a yellow house and her house was yellow!  So that's why we were a little late getting online. It was so great to talk to all y'all! I definitely enjoyed hearing and seeing you! 

Sister Murray