Monday, June 16, 2014

A New Investigator Runs into us

Our car. Don't worry, we're ok!

 There are dogs and cats ALL OVER in Florida!  Especially Pit Bulls.  Luckily this door we knocked on had a much more friendly breed  (toy poodle puppy)!      :)

A New Investigator Runs into us

...literally!  On Tuesday we were driving to the church to post our pictures for Discover the Book.  We signaled to turn right into the parking lot and our car suddenly lurched forward with a loud crunching sound.  Sister Fife screamed and I realized we had been hit by another car!  I looked in the mirror to see a gianormas red Jeep Wrangler behind us.  The driver pulled into the parking lot after us and we made sure everyone was ok.  The driver was a 23 year old girl named Nicole.  (yep she's a YSA!!!  It was meant to be!!!!!)  We called Elder Rhoads the senior missionary over cars (perfect name for the job right?), called the police, and we exchanged information and waited and waited and waited for the police to come.  While we waited I fried in the sun.  I don't know about ya'll  but I don't put sunscreen on when I'm going to do Facebook.  Maybe I'll have to start doing that!  We had lots of time to talk to Nicole.  She is getting ready to go into the police academy and she is looking for a new church (music to missionaries' ears).  She agreed to come to church on Sunday!  She was so grateful we were nice about the whole situation.  What happened was she was looking out the window and when she looked back at the road we were slowing down and she couldn't slow down her monster of a car fast enough.  The policeman's wife was an inactive member! 

The Discover the Book event was a huge success!  Enough people used the hash tag that it was "trending" on Facebook!  74.9 K were invited and 5.6K said they were going to the event. and Deseret News wrote articles about the event. 

Now we need everyone to get on board for the second event!!!  Discovering the Book of Mormon is not enough!  We need to SEARCH THE BOOK!  Here's what we need you to do:
   1. Join the event "Search the Book"
   2. Invite your friends, ward members, family, EVERYONE!
   3. On Tuesday June 17 post a picture on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter of you reading the Book of Mormon in your favorite spot.  Share a scripture that has been meaningful to you or a powerful experience you had with the Book of Mormon. 
   4. BE SURE to add #searchthebook and #calledtoshare with your picture 
So far 49.9K have been invited to Search the Book and 2.5K are going. Come on, we can do better than that! We really need everyone to step up and help us get the word out about the Book of Mormon and how it has changed their lives! 

We met with Aileen twice this week. She is progressing so well!!!  She's elect!  Our second lesson was in Sweet Frogs Frozen yogurt!  Pretty great right?  She is getting baptized this Sunday!

I hope ya'll have an amazing week!  LOVE YOU!
Sister Murray