Monday, June 2, 2014

Mormons at Mass

St. Augustine Lighthouse
Of course I didn't dress to match the lighthouse..."cough, cough"
Morning exercise?   219 steps
View from the top. I think I just developed a new love for lighthouses. BEAUTIFUL!!! There is spiritual symbolism, although it was hard not to start singing, "I'll be Your Candle on the Water".
Murray St.
Love the South!   Blessed

I'm short on time this week--we are going to spend the day at St. Augustine again.  We had dinner with Jeremy Skirtitch this week and he told us about all the places in St. Augustine that are haunted.  He actually saw a ghost in the light house!  We decided he/she probably just wanted his/her temple work done!  Don't worry, I will be there in the day light so I should be ok... :)

We had another great lesson with Aileen, and she came to church again on Sunday!  She is so ready for baptism!  She just doesn't know how ready she is!  We are excited to continue teaching her.  

Saturday we were able to go to Mass.  Yes!  I really did say Mass!  Haha, Thomas Janson (a less active member) has several jobs singing in Catholic churches.  We tried to go hear him about a month ago, but we couldn't find the church (we ended up at the airport instead.. oops!) So Saturday we got more specific directions and we made it.  When we were walking in we had some women stop us and ask what we were doing.  I was worried they would be mad at us, but they said everyone was welcome!  When they realized we were Mormons one said she watches Sister Wives.  We had to explain that is not our church.  We get that one a lot.  Mass was.... different.  There was a lot of singing, lots of memorized prayers, and lots of standing, sitting, and kneeling.  It was wierd--they taught a lot of truths.  I keep expecting to feel the spirit, especially when Thomas sang, but there was nothing.  It felt so empty.  Thomas has a beautiful voice, by the way.  I could listen to him for hours!!!

Pete and Amy are getting married this Saturday!!!!!  And I'm playing piano… so I better go practice a bit. :)

Have a blessed week!
With love, Sister Murray