Monday, June 9, 2014


This is what your picture should look like for #discoverthebook. Take a picture of yourself, family, friends.
Brother and Sister Weber! (Pete and Amy)
Marissa (Amy's daughter) and her grandma made these beauties.
The Green Bridge
Jaguar Stadium
Would Jesus Text?    Love the South!

To start off... WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Our mission has decided to take a huge step towards taking the gospel to every corner of the world!  What better way to get the gospel into countries missionaries cannot enter than by  using technology?  We  even have prophets teach that technology came about solely for the purpose of spreading the gospel. Here's the game plan:

On June 10th an event on Facebook called Discover the Book will start at 11:00am MST.  If you have not been invited you can find the group here:

Here's what we need you to do
   1. Find the event Discover the Book and join if you have not already done so
   2. Invite your family, friends, ward... EVERYONE to join
   3. On Tuesday the 10th (preferably at 11:00am MTS)
            -change your profile picture to one of you reading the Book of Mormon just like the ones at the top 
                        of the event page. 
            -Share how you discovered the Book of Mormon, how it has touched your life, etc. 
            -Add the hash tag #discoverthebook and #thebookofmormon so all of our pictures will be 
    4. Keep your eye on the event page--this will be a four week event with more opportunities to share the gospel coming up!  There will be instructions from Sister Ashcraft and Sister Hutchins coming up soon!  They are the Sister Training Coordinators and are running the event!

This is going to be HUGE! Five different Facebook missions are involved and several famous Mormons are joining.  We already have Gladys Knight, Donny and Marie Osmond,,, Brandon Flowers, Mitt Romney, LDS Toons...   

This is going to be AMAZING!!!!  I cannot wait to flood the world with the Book of Mormon!  It's changed my life, I am seeing it change the lives of those I am teaching, and it is going to continue to change lives, but we have to get it to the world first! 

ALSO!!!! Check out and join the group Called to Share!  You will get more information on there!  (and the two Elders in the video our my Zone Leaders!)

This week we had a super powerful Zone Meeting.  We set a goal for 26 baptisms this month!!!  Last week each ward of missionaries had an assigned day to fast and the rest of the zone prayed specifically for them by name and for their area.  This week each day we have a specific item to fast from.  Today we are fasting from silent prayers (all will be said aloud), later days we will fast from things like music, junk food, extra down time, iPads, and one day will be left up to decide as a companionship.  Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!  

We had President interviews this week.  It is always great to have some time to sit down and talk to President Craig and then more time to sit and talk with Sister Craig!  I LOVE those two so much! 

On Saturday our recent convert Pete Weber married Amy Ramirez!  They were living together when we first met them and Pete made the choice to move out so he could be baptized.  Amy was a member but hadn't been to church for several years.  It was AMAZING to see them together!  I played Cannon in D on the piano during the ceremony.  It was a miracle it came together with minimal practice even though it was an easy version. 

Aileen went to the home ward with Chirag on Sunday AND the YSA Branch in the afternoon.  She is hungry for truth and is making huge changes!  She had $200 worth of weed and after our lesson on the Word of Wisdom she got rid of it.  Haha, she had actually quit smoking before we even had the lesson since she knew we would be talking about it.   She is ELECT!   She has a baptismal date for June 22nd.  Keep her in your prayers! 

I love all ya'll!!!  Have a blessed week!
Sister Murray