Monday, June 16, 2014

The Average Day in the Life of a Sister Missionary in the JFM

6:15 am Good Morning!!!
6:30am Exercise

7:00-8:00 am Get ready for the day and eat breakfast.
8:00 am Personal Study

9:00 am Companion Study

10:00 am Begin Proselyting

Make sure your companion is always backing you !!
Spend one hour online teaching people through Facebook or blogs

Go back to the apartment for a nutritious lunch!
Teach our "gators"  This is Aileen! She will be baptized on June 22, 2014.
Tracting and visiting less actives and recent converts. We can visit active members to teach about missionary work, family history, etc. as long as it is before 5:00 pm,    5:00 begins what we call "Prime Pross" because it's our best time to find families home.
4:00 pm Dinner time

Serving in the YSA we drive alot! We are covering half of the geographically largest city in the country after all! We use about 80 miles everyday. I'm super grateful we have a car!

My trusty Garmin (GPS). I don't know how missionaries did it in the "olden days."

9:00 pm   Head home to plan for the next day.

10:30 pm Time for bed!